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There are great bands, great writers, great voices, great performers. They are rarely unique, and they are rarely combined. Ansley’s voice is perhaps the most captivating in the Fort Worth scene. Not because of notes she can sing, or trivial r&b choir tricks, but because her voice tells a story in itself. The songs, the words, the keys, are only half of the story, and the voice behind the music is the beacon that draws you in. Somewhere between hopeful and melancholy, between search and resolve, every note matters and is felt. Her voice conveys an honest and wholehearted effort at every turn, and conveys the message without meaningless filler.

Ansley is among the top tier of her scene, called upon by national and regional acts to fill in, accompany, or compliment. It is a great pleasure as her peer to hear what she has to say now, and to see her take her own swing.

Ansley has been playing on stages for over a decade, moving between several genres including hard rock, indie folk, and now has begun her foray into the indie rock singer-songwriter genre with her electric keyboard and ukulele at the helm. She began writing her own music when she was 11, and never stopped. Within the last year, Ansley has written a new record, “Rituals”. With the help of producers Taylor Tatsch and Joshua Ryan Jones,and the Hand Drawn Records family, Ansley is bringing these songs to life in the studio at Audiostyles in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Despite her folk and indie inspiration, by artists like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and Florence + The Machine, Ansley grew up listening to old school blues and classic rock on her dad’s side, with pop a la Prince and MJ, and funk on her mom’s. This eclectic mix of influences fuels an improvisational element to her band’s live sets, and takes her songwriting to a new sonic landscape.


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