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Kidz Korner

The Wildflower! Kidz Korner is a fun and colorful festival stop where kids of all ages will find all kinds of games, activities and entertainment geared just for them.

FREE games...   
  COOL prizes...  
  FUN times… 
   All for Wildflower! Kidz!

The Kidz Korner is located just south of the Amphitheater and near the East Gateway entrance.

Kids Crafts!
photo of kids working at craft table

Butterfly Tent!

The Rock Star Stage!

Face Painting!

Petting Zoo!
photo of kids in petting zoo

Free Balloon Art!


Butterflies! Butterflies! Butterflies!
Visit the Wildflower! Live Butterfly Habitat featuring over 150 native Texas butterflies and a display of the monarch butterfly metamorphosis- from egg to larva to chrysalis to adult. Learn why wild flowers need butterflies and which flowers you can plant to attract butterflies to your own backyard! Kidz can actually enter the butterfly tent and observe butterflies as they feed on nectar from pentas, lantana and exotic fruits. Trained volunteer docents will help kids identify butterfly species.  

Hula Hoops!

2016 Wildflower! Student Art Contest: Hip To Be Square!

Applications are now available! For information about this contest, please visit our new Student Art Contest page!